Exercise to Experience

We want to connect the world with Group Experience

After a cumulative 22 years in the fitness industry, Emma and Vanessa realised that group exercise alone is no longer enough to get sedentary people moving. The world around us is rapidly changing and evolving. Humans are disconnecting from each other and disconnecting from their bodies through advanced technology, social media platforms and busy work schedules. We want to give humans a way to not only re-connect with people but reconnect with themselves, and in turn provide an outlet for movement.

Many industries are optimising and automating and this automation creates the need for more people to be involved in creating human connection experiences. Tying this in with the need to get Western populations moving more;  our idea of group experience was born.

Our education & consultancy is an exclusive world first. We want to bring our Yin and Yang qualities of science (excellence) and showmanship (empowerment) to make you a Rockstar Group Exercise Instructor. That way our vision of connecting people with and through group exercise can reach a global scale.