Ongoing Coaching Memberships

For those who are searching for regular, hands on coaching and training. Membership packages include 1, 2 or 3 sessions per week with ongoing direct debit for long term results. Training is conducted in a location that suits your time and scheduling. Membership packages all include assessment, ongoing programming & periodisation. Designed to keep you in your health & fitness journey.

Performance Enhancement Program

For athlete’s, trainers & the mega movement conscious. We begin with an assessment of your function for your sport &/or goals. Gain an integrated approach to your current program based off performance & movement appraisals. Continued hands on & video feedback allow fine tuning and in depth performance adaptations. 5 sessions in total and must be used within 6 month period.

Program Planner Sessions

For those highly motivated movers. This package consists of two 30 minute sessions with detailed individualised programming for a once off payment. First session is to establish goals & function evaluation. Second session (upon delivery of program) ensures the program is well understood, & enjoyable. You will be challenged and set up for success.

Let’s build something great together.