Movement Therapy

Browse through the library of Movement Therapy Classes on demand. These classes are designed to get you moving better, feeling better and understanding your body from the inside out.

Partake in a full body mobility class. Great for relaxation and de-stress or movement preparation before exercise.

Movement Therapy Episode 1.

Partake in 20 minutes of stretching & mobility exercises for your neck and shoulders. Great for everyone who leans over their phone.

Movement Therapy Episode 2.

Time to give your hips & legs some attention. While doing this session, feel the tension also melt away from your lower back! Enjoy

Movement Therapy Episode 3.

Grab your foam roller and learn how to hit the biggest spots in your body to feel better. 20 minutes is all it takes for less pain & more movement.

Movement Therapy Episode 4.

Today’s focus is on the hips and lumbar region. Two parts of the body so linked that by helping one you always help the other. No equipment needed.

Movement Therapy Episode 5.

Coming soon

Movement Therapy Episode 6.